John ReimanIn providing Unintentional Death Re-Visioning (UDRV), an educationally-based support – not mental health treatment, I draw upon more than three decades of experience as a state-licensed, nationally board-certified, and EMDR-certified therapist focused broadly on trauma and specializing in work with first responders (law enforcement, medics, dispatchers, etc.) following overwhelming duty-related trauma associated with critical incidents. In this context, I have developed, lead, and trained trauma response and peer support teams.


The World Health Organization (WHO), describes a critical incident as an event out of the range of normal experience – one which is sudden and unexpected, involves the perception of a threat to life and can include elements of physical and emotional loss. Often such events are sufficiently disturbing to overwhelm, or threaten to overwhelm, a person’s coping capacity.


To address the needs of citizen survivors and/or witnesses at a critical incident – including those who have unintentionally been the cause of a death – I have collaboratively developed and lead community-based crisis teams that respond on-scene and in the hours and days following.


Recently, after 30 years, I left the university where as a researcher, teaching professor, and technical assistance and development administrator, I worked collaboratively with families and professionals nationwide to address the needs of our nation’s (approximate 12,000) children and youth (birth-21) who are deaf-blind. I am a fluent ASL signer (and held ‘comprehensive skills’ certification for many years as an interpreter).