From Those on the Path

Read personal stories and testimonials from those on the path to recovery for causing an unintentional death, serious accident, or injury to someone else.

Personal Stories From Those on the Path | John Reiman 

Read personal stories and testimonials from those on the path to recovery for causing an unintentional death, serious accident, or injury to someone else.

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Therapy for Causing a Death or Injury
Therapy for Causing a Death or Injury – John Reiman

Personal Stories From Those on the Path

  • I am thankful every day for the coping strategies you shared with me to help me live my life in the present. You helped me navigate my journey to allow for the trauma, but not be driven by it. Because of this, anything is possible!

  • Stuck in paralyzing fear and hopelessness about my future, I became able to better understand and learn strategies to deal with my fears, anger, and deep grief. I am in awe at how the quality of my life has improved, and I can honestly say for the first time in my life I feel truly free to live my life as I choose.

  • I wanted to let you know that you helped me to open the flood gates. I was so stuck. Thank you so much. I continue to move forward!

  • I cannot express my gratitude for the depth and variety of life-altering work I did with you. You were the one person with whom I was able to be 100% truthful. Your understanding and holding of the heaviness I carried was huge. The trauma I experienced, and often did not understand, you were able to see and hold space for. The lessons from our time together will forever be with me, helping me grow strong.

  • Your caring and patient nature, ability to blend a variety of approaches, and willingness to include spiritual aspects that had always been important to me but which I had long neglected, facilitated the personal growth I needed not only to become unstuck, but more essentially to remember who I am — learning to both trust and forgive myself.

  • You held space, transparently and with utmost sensitivity, for the most authentic pieces of my journey that felt so vulnerable and broken, and helped me find the tools to heal and recollect myself. Years of body and emotional trauma began to slip off like an old skin, and the capacity to simply abide, to be at home in my own most authentic self again, returned with a quiet grace.

  • My work with you has been profound, as it has taken me from surviving to thriving. I honestly did not think this was possible given my experiences, but your perceptive, compassionate approach has led me to find compassion and love for myself and to experience connection with those around me.

  • In working with you, I discovered the weight of the burden I’ve been carrying, the ability within myself to deal with it, and that most importantly, joy arises when my grief is expressed.

  • I often tell people I owe my quality of life to you. Our sessions together were very efficient and effective in teaching me how . . . to embrace the shadow/darker aspects of my life. The valuable tools have greatly contributed to how I approach all aspects of life in a way that is now nourishing, rewarding, and fulfilling.

  • What has been most helpful . . . is a relationship of trust with you. You understand, and helped me understand, what it looks like when I really don’t want to feel a feeling — that’s the sort of thing that needs to be “accepted” or “allowed.”

  • My trauma became a part of me, and I became a part of it. We fed off of each other. Through my healing process with you, I saw my great capacity for compassion toward others and my complete lack of love and forgiveness for myself. This turned on a switch that opened me to a place I’d never experienced before.

  • I doubt you realize the impact you had on my life but it was, and is, substantial. I don’t think it was anything you said specifically, just this calm countenance. Your approach was direct and logical but soft and yielding.

  • I even went back to where the accident was, and I was OK! I still don’t know why what we did worked, but I am so glad it did.

  • Thank you for the unique support that I needed in a very difficult time . . . providing insights and explanations that helped me make sense out of things that didn’t make sense to me, and helping me know what to expect when I had never experienced anything like this before.

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